Utila is consistently rated as one of the top ten dive destinations in the world in various sport diving publications. The Bay Islands are blessed to be part of the second largest barrier reef system on the planet with Utila being the only one of this group of islands to sit directly on the continental shelf known as the Bonaca Ridge.


Unparalleled and private snorkeling & shore diving in the brilliant blue and clear waters are your front yard at Slumberland villas. The steps from the villas lead you into  a colorful underwater world of relatively unspoiled coral and marine diversity. After gearing up at a large white sand patch in front of the villas, you will then descend into a series of three distinct coral banks ranging in depth from 5 - 90 ft..revealing a colorful and diverse palette of shimmering tropical fish, hard & soft coral formations, sponges, delicate tunicates, crustaceans, large pelagic fish, and the occasional Spotted Eagle Ray or Hawksbill Turtle.


There are a dozen or more dive shops on the island which all basically operate under the same fee schedule; the difference being in the atmosphere. Coral View Resort is the closest to Slumberland and is approx. 500 yds. down the sandy road of Blue Bayou.. The other two dive shops worth consideration that are in very close proximity and we would recommend would be Gunter's Ecomarine or Bay Islands College of Diving which is also home to the Whale Shark & Oceanic Research Center (WSCOR). Utila is one of the few places in the world that experiences whale shark sightings year-round, and is commonly known as a ‘hotspot’ for whale shark tourism.

Coral View Utila

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The following is a link for a more complete listing with contact info of all the Utila dive shops and resorts: Utila Guide Dive Shops


There are plenty of other activities to experience on the tropical island of Utila for those who wish to do a little more than swing in a hammock and enjoy the relaxing and beautiful tropical surroundings: Utila Guide Activities